Cibo team believes that businesses should have a positive impact on the communities they serve. We dedicated ourselves to not only earning the trust and respect of our customers, partners but also promoting environmental sustainability. Cibo's social corporate responsibility and sustainability is about being responsible and doing things that are good for society.

We are currently members and work closely together with associations:

  • Grimsby Chambers of Commerce
  • West Niagara Palliative Care Service
  • Rose Cottage Visting Volunteers
  • Grimsby Public Art Galary
  • West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • Grimsby Co-operative Preschool

About Us
Located in Grimsby, 25 minutes from Niagara Falls, on the Niagara Wine Route, Cibo Osteria or just CIBO, brings you small town of Niagara with an excellent contemporary cuisine.

Cibo……(Pronounced chee-bo). Means food, festive feast or a feast for the senses in Italian.
Osteria…..(Pronounced o-sta- rea). Osteria is a Neighbourhood meeting place where you’ll find fresh food, excellent local beverages and great friends.

Why an Italian name with a contemporary cuisine, not a traditional Italian cuisine? 
With respect to the previous honor owner of Cibo Mr. Tony Macri, the new management still keeps Cibo Osteria as a friendly name; That is the reason why the term contemporary cuisine is used in an Italian name .We take pride in being true to the philosophy of food – fresh ingredients, simple recipes that are prepared with love and respect for our customers. At Cibo In Grimsby, you’re enjoying our food, and our wine from Niagara region, we would just like to say welcome you to Cibo and Enjoy your meal !